Dennis Budd is from Levittown, PA, and is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He began his career as an artist providing  work for Tell-a-Graphics and the Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight for DK Books. In 2000, he created "Model Operandi" with the very cool Joe Caramagna, and their first story, "Model Operandi:Affair of the Heart," which Dennis plotted, penciled, and colored, was met with critical acclaim in 2006. Dennis is also the penciler of "7 Days to Fame" by After Hours Press, and "Consumed" by Platinum Studios, as well as a contributor to numerous trading card sets.

Dennis is also a proficient oil painter and enjoys working in a wide variety of styles, from cartoons to realism.


Freelance writer and letterer Joe Caramagna is also a graduate of the JOE KUBERT SCHOOL OF CARTOON AND GRAPHIC ART. 

Currently, Joe letters many monthly Marvel Comics such as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, UNCANNY X-MEN, and DAREDEVIL, and is the inker of "CONSUMED" by Platinum Studios and "7 DAYS TO FAME" by After Hours Press.

Joe's written work includes IRON MAN & THE ARMOR WARS, TAILS OF THE PET AVENGERS, many MARVEL ADVENTURES titles, X-MEN: NATION X and the SUPERMAN and BATMAN 2011 80-PAGE GIANTS. A full list of his pro credits can be found HERE. 

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